Exceptional Viewing Experience with iStream


iStream supports SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, and hybrid models to engage new customers around for a long time.

White Label

Tailored White Label OTT solution to increase brand recognition at a lower cost.

Secure Access

With iStream, you can experience the secured streaming environment while ensuring secured content delivery to customers.


Uncover the insightful analytics features with iStream to understand Live-Streams, Ads, and Video.


iStream provides easy integration for any payment gateway securely to your streaming platform

Secure Pay

iStream provides easy integration for any payment gateway securely to your streaming platform

Content Management System

iStream provides bulk video uploads/imports with a single click in the library.

Live Channel

Stream your live video efficiently & provide an incredible viewing experience by cohesively managing, distributing, and monetize the live content.

A Secured Streaming Platform with Multiple Options to Monetize

Full Stack Ad Format

Seamless Streaming with Multiple Monetization Options, Easy-to-Use, Highly Secure

In-app Purchase

Launch your customized streams for all purchases with the iStream OTT video software on mobile devices.

Paywall Integration

Utilize the iStream paywall mechanism to restrict access to content in premium videos.

Offline Viewing

Allow customers to enjoy their videos directly in the app even when they don't have internet access.

Measure Ad Performance

Drive both brand awareness & performance through our innovative ads format which includes Bumper, Carousal, Pre-roll ads.

In-app Notification

Remind customers about unique videos and interact with them through brief pop-up messages.

Resume Watching

iStream provides an unbroken, captivating experience to let users to pick up where they left off with their video viewing.

Progressive Web Application

The PWA solution from iStream offers intuitive user manageability to target users of native and web apps.
iStream on Multiple Screens

Leveraging Cutting-Edge Solutions with Cloud Infrastructure, Video CMS, Media Stream Server, Multi-device Player, Analytics, Enterprise-grade Security & DRM.

Bring the iStream experience to mobile devices with a variety of cutting-edge features.

  • Providing solutions for several screens can improve your cross-channel digital experience
  • Supports Android, iOS, and Windows.
  • You can monitor how users interact with your service by having complete control over phone and download usage data.

Turn your tablet into a mini-TV with iStream.

  • Supports Android and iOS.
  • UX engine to handle quick changes to present information
  • Enhanced interactivity with our insightful multi-screen solutions and video experiences.

As global video usage is increasing, we support all major connected TV platforms.

  • Supports all VideoReady Play capabilities.
  • With a variety of UI templates, it may be tailored to your service.
  • UX engine to handle quick changes for the information presented on various devices.

Viewers can use iStream services and enjoy a variety of content without having to buy another device and no additional TV wire is needed.

  • Monitor how users interact with your service by having complete control over phone and download usage data.
  • Supports all VideoReady Play.


The web is still a major platform for online video streaming.

  • Enhanced interactivity with our insightful multi-screen solutions and video experiences.
  • Can be easily tailored to your service with a variety of UI templates.
iStream Highlight Features
High-quality Video
Reliability is key for over-the-top streaming services. iStream provides curated content that can be available to users of any bandwidth.
White Lable
Grab the wholesome ownership of the custom-built iStream application to increase brand recognition at a lower cost.
End-to-End Development
iStream provides through support system to build the platform right from scratch.
Scalable Processes
Packed with expert tools to develop a workflow to make content to end users.
Customizable Software
iStream has an unmatched ability in providing customized content requirements.
Third Party Integration
Supports third-party integration using advanced technologies for the customized platform.
Robust Technologies
iStream offers microservice architecture technology just for perfect reliability.
Comprehensive Security
Collaborating with leading third-party providers to achieve and sustain security-rich video delivery throughout the content lifecycle.

Fully Customizable

We bring your designs to live.

You have total control over the user interface on TV, mobile, and PC apps.
Create a brand-compatible framework or we create an entirely new app from
scratch using your specifications.

Video on Demand & mobile tv

Multi Screening Interface

Multi Screening Interface

iStream is an easily customizable application on TV, mobile & tablet.
Video on Demand & mobile tv

Measure Every Key Metrics

Measure Every Key Metrics

With iStream centralized dashboard get insightful video analytics and can track the overall engagement factors.
Beneficiary Solutions for Incredible Streaming Experience

End-to-End OTT Solution Provider for your Business Requirements

Robust Video CMS

Centralize to control the entire video content management system all under one roof with a custom OTT platform.

  • Unlimited Upload
  • Drag-and-Drop
  • Multiple Video Format Support
  • Multi-Screen Delivery
  • Offline Download

Video Monetization

Build an OTT platform to leverage the best minting monetization models for your potential videos to drive revenue.

  • Subscription VOD
  • Transactional VOD
  • Advertising VOD

DRM & Security

Protect your streams against unauthorized access with the power of Multi DRM Protocols.

  • DRM System
  • AES Encryption
  • Screenshot Prevention
  • Geo-blocking
  • Exhaustive Access Control

Multi Device Player

High-quality content streaming on Low latency to introduce a satisfactory viewing experience with zero interruption.

  • Player SDK for Android/iOS
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • Subtitle Settings
  • HLS & Dash Adaptive
  • Faster Playback

Content Orchestration

An OTT platform to enhance your online video content with zero hassle.

  • Metadata management and enhancement
  • Subtitling and dubbing
  • Archiving and scheduling.
  • Automatic QC.
  • Fine-grained user management and access control.

Second Screening

  • Content-related information like actors, characters, teams, and more.
  • Interactive polls, games, stats, and trivia.
  • Advanced social media functionality.
  • T-commerce and cross-selling.
  • Comprehensive loyalty programs.

Ads Format Suite
Non-skippable ad played during the video content. Ideal for branding, sequential story-telling or consideration.
Drive salience through native display ads placed alongside video content. Target customers based on demographics, location, and interest.
Ideal for teasers, specific offers, product launches, or segmented messages. Optimize your ad with a custom call to action.
In-Stream display:
Drive brand recall through a video-like display ad placed on high-quality video content. Ideal for driving consideration or traffic to the website. Anytime Anywhere Any Device
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