About Us
iStream- An inclusive, fully managed and End-to-End OTT Solutions/Service provider offering video on demand(VOD), live streaming, monetization, CDN, DRM and much more.
iStream makes it simple for media content owners to monetize their content with conventional advertising. iStream achieves this by providing a white-label platform for content providers to quickly build multi-streaming (live &on-demand) platforms.
End-to-End OTT Solutions

All-in One
OTT Solution Provider

Launch a unique interfaced streaming platform with customizable features and revenue models.

  • A Feature-rich White Label Solution
  • OTT Apps with In-app Purchase
  • Stream On Multiple Platforms
  • Powerful Video Marketing Tools
  • Flexible & Scalable Transcoding
  • Built-in Monetization Models
One-Stop Solution
Why Choose us

We are a One-Stop Solution to your OTT Platform

Video/Audio on Demand Platform

Create OTT Platform & launch OTT Streaming Media Service instantly with StrmeCast.

Smart TV Applications

Launch your own native Mobile & TV Apps instantly in 1-Click and can be deployed across iOS, Android, Apple TV and other ecosystems
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